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Human history is easily marked by advancements in technology or thought. There was the Bronze Age, the Iron age, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and so on.

Take a small experiment this weekend. If you go camping leave the generator and the TV home. Just enjoy the great outdoors. If it rains play a game with family and friends.

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket


Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

It can best be summed up in two lines from the 1983 song Mr. Roboto by the band Styx.

into the dystopian world he created.

How many families cant go to the park without taking the generator so they can watch TV in the great outdoors?

Society in the 21st century has become increasingly reliant on technology; whether its your cell phone, satellite television or your banking debit card everyone has had a taste of the convenience technology offers.

The novel, set in London in the year 2540, describes a society that has been transformed due to a lack of spirituality and family, the obsession with physical pleasure, and the misuse of technology.

For many a brief power outage is quaint. Its a few minutes to sit back and relax. But what if that power was out for two days or a week? What then?

In 1932 when Aldous Huxley penned the literary classic Brave New World he likely never realized how soon society would begin the downward descent Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Shirt

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

has rung the first death knell for newspapers and magazines. A growing number of people dont want to sit down on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and browse through the weekend newspaper, getting their fingers dirty in the process. They would rather sit in front of the computer screen to see what happened on the other side of the globe. The result is more people are ignorant of what is happening in their own back yard.

And has entertainment technology taken over your family? Is the TV always on? Are the children constantly sitting in front of the computer playing a video game or surfing the net? Do you know what is influencing their thought? When was the last time you played an uninterrupted game with your children; not a video game, but an actual game like Scrabble, Monopoly or spotlight?

If you are staying at home this weekend go to your breaker panel and turn off the power to the computer, TV and video games. Go a whole weekend without them. Instead read a book, write a letter and make a connection with your children, spouse or a close friend.

There is no emotion in an e mail or text message. While you might type LOL (Laugh Out Loud for the text illiterate) it does not convey emotion. There Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket is no smiling face in front of you.

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

It just might give you some insight into how reliant you have become on these devices and how dehumanizing they can be. If nothing else, it might reintroduce you to the joys of human contact and stop the downward spiral into a Brave New World.

Video games, big screen TVs and computers now dominate playtime. It has led to a sedentary lifestyle which, in turn, has been a contributing factor to the increase in adolescent obesity and the health issues that come along with it.

Machines to save our lives. Machines dehumanize.

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The problem is plain to see: too much technology

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

How many children have driven through the Rockies but cant remember a thing about it because they were too busy watching the latest movie on their portable DVD player?

On the down side the news media has been reduced to a 30 second sound bite. That, along with on line news, Ralph Lauren Grey Handbag

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

What would happen if there was a complete breakdown of telecommunications? Look what happened recently when the Blackberry e mail network literally went black. Those who relied on the addictive hand held devices were immediately cut Tommy Hilfiger Khakis

What moniker will be placed on the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century? The Age of Convenience, the Technological Revolution?

Its even infiltrated vacation time.

How many children rush home from school to go outside to play?

Most people likely cant remember.

Then theres the entertainment industry.

Technology has become an essential part of 21st Century life. But has society become too reliant on it?

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

Ralph Lauren Varsity Jacket

On one level technology has brought the world into the living room of every man, woman and child. When a hurricane hits south Florida or a bomb goes off in Iraq, people around the world know about it instantly. As a result weve become better informed of world events.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to a friend? Sending an e mail or texting doesnt count. When was the last time you actually sat down, took a pen in hand and wrote a letter on paper?

But Huxley doesnt argue that science and technology are innately evil. And it would be difficult to argue that modern technology is intrinsically bad. When you stop and look at the technological advancements that have come about in the past 20 years they have, for the most part, been quite positive.

´╗┐Brave New World

E mails and text messages have replaced meaningful conversation and become a dehumanizing force.

But the real impact of technology is how humans interact with each other. A child incessantly playing video games may have great hand eye coordination, but where are the social skills.

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