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Did you see that video? it is a miracle that some innocent resident who happened to be driving along 340 while this chase was ongoing did not either go into the deep ditches or get killed!

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What would people be saying if this officer had allowed this driver to drive away and the driver had crashed into another car and killed a family? There a lot more to this than meets the eye. What bothers me the most is he was charged with a crime of any kind for fulfilling his duty "to protect and serve." In this case, an officer, who had clean and good record as a law enforcement officer, had life and career was destroyed because he did what necessary to protect himself and the community from a drunk maniac. Sad sad sad. The "criminal" had been subdued Ralph Lauren Sweatshirt

I am not defending his actions, he should have been put in prison for them. He was a terrible threat to our community. BUT the threat ended when the crash occured. At that point he should have been cuffed and stuffed. IF he were still trying to drive away, the officer should have rammed the car more, to totally disable it. If he had to shoot something why not shoot the tires? The tires was closer to him that James. At the location of this shooting it within 30 feet of a home. Others are within a hundred feet. Witness accounts are they heard the siren, there was a crash, gun shots and than verbal commands. In this country, state, county, and city the verbal commands are supposed to come before the gun shots in this type of situation. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing.

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"I can't treat him any different than any other inmate serving on a misdemeanor," Holly said.

There is no "nice" way to arrest a potentially dangerous, combative suspect. The police are our bodyguards, our hired fists, batons, and guns. We pay them to do the dirty work we're too afraid, too unskilled, or too civilized to do ourselves. We expect them to keep the bad guys out of our businesses, cars, and houses, out of our face. We want them to "take care of the problem." We just don't want to see how it's done."

This went before Judge Robin Green. Wasn she the prosecutor in the case of the state trooper that shot and killed the mentally handicapped young man a few years ago? The trooper was sentenced to something like 13 months. Was Van Stone an assistant on that case? Does this show a "pattern" of how the laws are to be enforced by the part of the judicial system of Benton County? Van Stone and Judge Green are either selective or weak in the way they perform their job. Neither one is acceptable.

Professor Charles H.

Holly estimated the earliest Brackney could be released is Ralph Lauren Baseball Cap Big Pony

The fact that a police officer must make the decision to use deadly force often in only a few seconds, makes encountering such a situation daunting for even the best trained officer. When an officer actions are being judged after the fact, those making the judgment often have the benefit of far more information, received in a different manner, than the officer had at the time that the use of deadly force occurred.

Mr. Norwood, I hope that you pursue this with more passion and energy than any case you have taken on before.

I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and have very conservative values. I had a relative killed by a drunk driver, and I do live in Bella Vista. I drive by this spot every day. I had meet Ahern a couple of times.

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he can get credit for each day he works. The benefit is only for inmates serving misdemeanor convictions, Holly said.

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I am against high speed chases in residental neighborhoods unless absolutely necessary. and it was NOT necessary in this case.

Dec. 18 or 19.

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did you notice the time the two cars were on the left side of the road with oncoming traffic? I think the residents of Bella Vista should be sueing the police dept. if this is acceptable to chase and risk the lives of so many.

Coleman Brackney's 30 day jail sentence could be cut in half. Jail Capt. Rob Holly said if Brackney works as a trusty at the jail or on a work Ralph Lauren Black T Shirt crew outside the jail Tommy Hilfiger Shirts India

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Holly said he did not know if Brackney planned to participate in the work programs. Some of the options of working around the jail may be limited due to the concern for Brackney's safety as a former law enforcement officer.

2pair, what is dangerous is allowing someone who is nearly three times the legal limit to continue to risk the life's of innocent men, women and children. Sometimes they just have to be stopped. I have personally had family members killed by drunk drivers. I support getting them off the street. This guy was a repeat offender who obviously was more worried about getting away than he was concerned about the innocent life's he was threatening. I'm not condoning his death because I wasn't in the officer's shoes at the time.

and the threat to Brackney and the public no longer existed. The last and final shot was totally unnecessary and in my opinion, was definitely homicide. NOTE: I do not know the victims family, I do not have relatives who are in law enforcement, and I do not live in BV.

´╗┐Brackney Sentenced To 30 Days In Ahern's Death

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Something does not smell right about this whole thing. I realize we all have to be open minded about what happened and did not see the full video or audio portion, but at no time do I see the officer with the gun in danger, I see a man running then reversing his car to get away after getting shot several times. They sentenced the State Trooper to more time and his was clearly not as bad as this seems to be. On top of that, several citizens who have had accidental shootings get more time. How does Van Stone see this as fair?? I guess the scales of justice in Benton County are not fair and never will be if we keep electing Van Stone to office.

these chases in residental neighborhoods at night are too dangerous.

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